Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Cheap wines Under $10

5 Cheap wines Under $10

Yeah that is right. You don't need an eye test. I found 5 delightful, drinkable wines for under $10.
Make that SIX but I am going to save the BEST for LAST.
Who would have thought in this day and age with rising costs that you could find a wine for this
price that doesn't taste like prune juice, woodsy grape juice, or a dirty fruit drink.
Typically, when you purchase a wine for this price, it's like drinking cheap wine and
you get what you paid for: cheap, terrible tasting wine.
The ones I found, are good, inexpensive and you can make wine cooler or sangria
if you like.

#1. Deep Sea Chardonnay

Here is a $21 - 24 bottle of wine. Light, Crisp, refreshing.
Price I paid for it $4.99

#2.Volteo Tempranillo Cabernet Savignon

A nice spicy wine with black and red fruit berry taste.
A unique varietal form Spain.
Usually this wine cost over $12.99
I purchased it for a whopping $5.99

Next on the list.
#3. Chain of Fire Cabernet Sauvignon
This is an Australian wine from the wineries of Robert Oakley.
I'm not familiar with his wines except he makes and distributes this brand
and there are a number of different wines available such as a
chardonnay, merlot, and above mentioned cabernet.
Typical price would be $12.99 / bottle.
Got mine for $5.99

#4. Pepi (aka Robert Pepi) 2008 Pinot Gris
I had his wines before and I was not a big fan. Every once in awhile
there is a surprise. Here it is. A Pinot Gris.
Lemons, melons, light, airy. Great for a summer day.
I paid full price for this one.
Lookout! Yep, $7.99
Cute website. Gets you in that party mood.

#5. One of the most inexpensive chardonnays discovered in 2012.
Bloomside Cellars 2009.
This one from South Australia. I love this one!
Has a hint of lemon candy. Citrus. Fruit green and yellow.
Sweet but not too sweet. Like me.
Bottled by MWD Vineyards.
I need to research this one...

#6. I saved the best for last.
This is the find of the century. Well maybe not century.
2007 St. Francis Syrah. Sonoma County.
Here is a $24.99 bottle.
I stole cases upon cases of this wine at a retailer for $6.99 a bottle.
And the retailer gave me a discount on each case.
$10 off or 10% off. Can't remember after 2+ glasses.
Word on the street is that the workers from St Francis
were running out of the store with cases of it.
They didn't get a full discount at this price even though they worked at the winery.

Here is my word of advice. Find a wine you like.
One that you would enjoy drinking, sharing with friends, and giving as gifts.
Make a list. Search online and check your grocery or liquor stores for the brand names on
your list.
Check to see if they are served at your favorite restaurant or bar and recommend them.
Finally, check out retailers such as:
Trader Joes:

Whole Foods ( if you can find a cheap one?)

and the Grocery Outlet:

or any supermarket in your area.
Make your list. Drink your wine.