Monday, May 16, 2011

The Importance of Wine Decanting or Aerating

The Importance of Wine Decanting or Aerating:
I like to decant my red wines. Wines are living, breathing fruits of love and nature.
Decanting and aerating helps to reduce the harshness of  tannins in bold red wines whether they are super tuscans or local american zins.
One aerator I use is a Vinturi Red Wine Aerator.

Vinturi makes a white wine aerator too. Since white wines really have no tannins, I have yet to find a purpose for me to aerate my white wines.

Most of the zins and big cabernet sauvignons I drink need to decant or aerate.
One of my favorite blends is called the Prisoner.
This wine definitely needs to breathe before serving.

The main reason for decanting is to let oxygen enter the wine.
Let the wine rest and breathe before serving.
That is why we swirl wine in a glass.

Incorporate air into the wine. Look at the complexity of the legs of the wine in the glass.
View the subtle colors of the wine as it sets in the glass over time. Enjoy the aromas from the bounty of the harvest.
A grape is a wonderful thing!
It just needs to relax 1st.

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