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Good Wines 4 Under $20

Good Wines 4 Under $20

A couple of recent purchases in which my wife and I found a few GOOD wines for under $20.
Usually that is a problem.
Finding a wine that is cheap in price yet drinkable.
Is it possible to find a good bottle for under $20.

I don't mind spending extra $$$ for wine when I go out to dinner with my wife.
At a good restaurant I often take advice from the sommelier (wine experience) on what to recommend,
if I don't know the wine, the varietal, or the wine regions.
You pay more for the wine and the recommendation (as if you were bringing your own wine and paying for corkage fee.)
On the other hand, I wince when a retail clerk recommends a certain bottle.
Ok, so this clerk (commission employed) graduated from Cal -Davis school of viticulture and enology. Doubtful.

Case in point: We were both wine club members at 4 wineries.
Gee, we found out we could purchase similar if not the same wines at discount prices from:


Beverages & More (BevMo)

The Grocery Outlet

Cost Plus ( World Market)

So here's my list of cheapy but good drinkable wines for under $20.

Cabulous Cabernet Sauvignon
Surprising bottle from the Trinchero Family Estates
Big on fruit and oak.
Price: $9.99

Also, included in the above picture:
Leese - Fitch 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
This is a good 1 !
Who doesn't love a Sonoma cab?
Price: $8.99

2 here - split decision.
2008 Lyeth Sonoma County Meritage and 2007 Viano Vineyards Private Stock Contra Costa County Cabernet Sauvignon.
My wife found the Contra Costa wine a bit flowery.
Maybe she was dreaming of our days when we drank pinot noires.
Those days have passed.
I found it light and fruity.
The meritage had a nice bend of different varietals.
Something I really enjoy!

2008 Lyeth Sonoma County Meritage
Price: $15.99

 2007 Viano Vineyards Private Stock Contra Costa County Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $6.99

So there u have it. 4 cheap but tasty wines 4 under $20.

Next review will be on a few + inexpensive wines under $20:

3 Girls Cabernet

Barbed Wire Meritage

Stonecap Syrah

Wheelhouse Napa Cabernet


Seriously Rock Cabernet

Here's 2 drinking good & inexpensive wines....



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