Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here's a few more wines, yes drinkable pleasures and under $20.

Here's a few more wines, yes drinkable pleasures and under $20.

I often find these picks at Trader Joes (which may not be available on the East Coast, SORRY !) the Grocery Outlet, Whole Foods, Safeway,  Lucky's and Costco.
I guess I have to be the 1 to try the wines before they get to your table.
I had a Chilean wine last week that tasted like a true volcano!
Earthy was a true description.
So, sometimes I am lucky and sometimes I'm not.
I like wine reviewers but I don't always recommend their wines based on their reviews or their point scale.
Except.... maybe Robert Parker.
I often see a lot of wines claiming they are 90+ points.
Any wine 90 points or +++++ should be a wine to share with family and friends.
You should be able to pull the wine off the shelf and know that you don't have to worry about picking a bad wine or the wine taste "sucks".
Meaning: everyone will enjoy this wine.
And, you will probably be able to pair it with any meal.
Although.... you have to realize, wine is a living, breathing entity.
Grapes grow on vines and are altered by rain and sun.
And the vines mature year after year.
New vines produce younger grapes and the wines need to age - mature.
Soooooooooo even though you found a great wine 1 year,
the next year, the wine might lose its taste and rating.
Be aware of that!
Here's a couple that I found that are delightful and will
not put a fat dent in your wallet.
2010    337 (Three three seven) Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, CA.

Unique winery with the wines labeled as numbers.
From Manteca, CA.
Good farm country.
This wine has flavors of dark cherry, spice, mocha, and blackberries.

How about another Lodi, CA wine?
2011 Plungerhead Old Vine Zinfandel

It taste like a gold country wine from the Amador region.
Notes of white pepper, plum, oak, cinnamon, and ripe berries.
This is my 1st zin of the year and fits in well with the cold weather we have been having
in California this winter.
I'm a big fan of cabernet sauvignons, but on a cold winter night a zin " really hits the spot."
Warms the soul.
And finally, till my next blog, here's my last pick of the night:
2007 Marmesa Vineyards Hollister Peak Central Coast, CA.

Lots of flavors here of fruit, flowers and citrus.
And Honey!
A good wine to mix with a bubbly citrus water.
Perfect starter wine before breaking into the reds.

And on that note,
I bid you adieu my friends...
I'll bring you a few more wines again next day.
Stay thirsty my friends,

Steven W.

Email: realmeneatquiche@gmail.com

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