Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Growlers' Arms

The Growler's Arms

This may be my BEST restaurant in Oakland.
Maybe the BEST restaurant in all the Bay area.
Or even the BEST restaurant in Northern California.
You know, my go to restaurant for a great and I underline GREAT meal.
The type of dinner, lunch,or breakfast that is so good you keep talking about the next day and the day after that to your wife, kids and friends.
When you never had a bad meal. 
The wine was good. 
The service was good because the host, hostess, owner(s) were friendly, knowledgeable, and cared.
You had an opportunity to speak to the chef.
You exited the restaurant and people were waiting outside and asked you "is it good? and what did you order?"

This place is a hit.
A rare GEM on Park Boulevard in Oakland,CA.

Owners Seamus and Shelley Mulholland and Chef Brian Ventura.
When you mention "The Growlers Arms" great restaurants come to mind: La Folie, Danko, Chez Panisse, Boulevard, and A16.
Seamus, Shelley and Brian bring a wealth of knowledge of the food industry, experience from these restaurants and a love of food to The Growlers Arms.

I have been there 3 times now.
Twice with family and once with my neighbors and foodie and wine loving friends.

My first thought was.. English pub food?
Would I like blood pudding, haggis, and did they have anything for kids to eat?
Yes,Yes, and Yes.

The menu changes from time to time.
I had the pot pie.
A vegetable inspired one.
Good and rich.
Kath (my wife) goes crazy over the white fish with the sauce that is made by smoking the bones of the fish.
Not always on the menu.
Kierann (my youngest daughter) orders the same thing every time.
Fish and Chips
Not always on the menu but the staff always seem to know when she arrives and they make it for her.

My Favorite Starters

House Cured Meats and Terrines of Pork Liver, Duck with Fig Jam, Pork Head, Sausages and Pickles.
It all comes together on a wooden platter.
Did I mention they make their own house made mustards and catsups?

Black Pudding with pickles and mustard

Bubble and Squeak (Roasted Vegetables usually pan fried with cold meat)with Trout Pate, Leeks and Creme Fraiche

For the main courses there are pork chops, steaks, salmon, lamb sausages and half roasted chickens.
The menu seems to change often but its always good.
They have Pork Pies to go and an English style weekend brunch.
Check out their specials and I highly recommend you get on their email list for their Tuesday Specials.

I can't wait to go back.
Now the decision is dinner, weekend breakfast, or Tuesday Special.
Maybe all of them!

They do take reservations.
Location is very convenient:
4214 Park Boulevard, Oakland,CA.
Call 510-328-1315
Email: shelley@growlersarms.com

Check their website for the menu and hours of service

Steven W.

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