Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hawker Fare

Tried out a new place for lunch. Always looking for a good find. Its rewarding when you have a great meal and your kid likes it too!

Hawker Fare
Located at 2300 Webster Street in Oakland, yes they do have a location in San Francisco too: (680 Valencia Street) although you know we prefer Oakland to San Francisco, they prepare Asian Fusion dishes.
I recently had lunch here with my wife and youngest daughter.
Kierann had a soda and should have ordered the light and refreshing Thai styled ice teas that Kath and I had which were served with ice and large mason jars. For an appetizer, Kath and I decided on the Blistered Green Beans Very similar to green beans cooked in a wok and similar to the ones you would find at The Slanted Door. Stir fried with red prik khing curry paste and a nice touch of smoked pork bacon. Loved it. Spicy but not too hot.
Kierann and I both ordered the Gai Thot.  Rice flour battered fried chicken.  Think of a crispy crab rangoon wonton. Crunchy crusty outside and yet the chicken was nice and moist inside. Served with rice, sliced cabbage, and nam prik pao charred chili jam. Cabbage was a little bland but if you mixed it in with the jam and rice, it worked. The jam was crazy, a little sweet and a little heat. loved it.I made the rice work to my favor adding a fried egg. Kierann skipped the egg.
Kath ordered the Moo Yang BBQ. A pork shoulder chop marinated in whiskey, pepper, coriander root, garlic, and nam jaew. It came with a serving of rice and a dipping sauce that is normally served with fish. Sauce was very salty. Pork chop fabulous.
3 lunches: $72 with tip. Good service, nice locality, welcoming and very friendly staff. Hip place to come to with coworkers for lunch, dinner and after hours drinks.
You can find Hawker Fare:
on Twitter @hawkerfareOak
Phone: 510.832.8896

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