Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vegetable Soup on a cold day - got Wine? Yes

Vegetable Soup on a cold day - got Wine? Yes
I can't believe the weather literally dropped 20 degrees overnight.
And we got rain to boot.
Good 4 my lawn.
But, I could do without the chill.
What is good, is when cold wet weather comes around,
it means it's that time of year.
Comfort food.
Red Wine.
Maybe this year we can get back to tasting some zinfandels.

So tonight before my daughter arrived home from school and my wife from work,
I whipped up a large pot of vegetable soup.
Now as you now, you can find an earlier recipe of vegetable soup on my blog.
Just check the archives.
I suggest you make your own version.

Making vegetable soup is like making meatloaf.
Just about anything can go in it - and it always comes out delicious.
All you have to do is experiment!!!
Try adding string beans.
Kidney beans.

I actually added to my soup tonight the rinds of 2 cheeses.
Parmigiano Reggiano and Kerrygold cheddar.

My daughter loved it even though she reserved the tomatoes to the side of the bowl.

Now for the wine.....
I found 2 more cheap wines 4 under $20.

2010 Barbed Wire Meritage
Price: $10.99
A St. Helena wine with a bordeaux style blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

here's another:

Lot 205 Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $9.99
A Healdsburg wine with tastes of mocha chocolate and mixed berries.

But of course I had to drink a really good bottle of wine.
1 that I thought would bring out the ripe red tomatoes, tomato paste, and pepper of
my soup.

2009 Young's Vineyard  Shenandoah Valley Barbera

This winery in Plymouth, CA. is one of my favorites up in Gold Country
aka Amador County.
They only produced 420 cases of this wine.
They should have produced 420 cases more just because it's that  good.
Enough said...

It is cold, wet, rainy and I need to get back to my soup and my glass of red wine.


Check out my recipe for vegetable soup:

and email me at:

Next blog? Pesto chicken???

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