Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Wine A Day

Life is busy.
There is just so many things going on every day and every week.
Work, volunteer work, computer studies, home repairs.
And the list goes on and on.
I wind up not getting to post as often as I should on my 3 blogs and websites.
Probably because I am managing 2 other websites for my daughter's school and church.
There are some simple pleasures in life.
My 2 daughters and my lovely wife.
For me personally, I like the simple joy of picking fresh vegetables from my garden.
Cooking with wine.
But of course, DRINKING WINE.
So, it's time to catch up on the writing.
I have been cooking for events and cooking at home and of course,
My goal is to publish a wine a day for the rest of the year.
If I run out of wines, I will publish cooking with wine.
I'm giving Thanks to my family, friends, and followers on Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress
and everyone else for following my blog and keeping me inspired to cook, make wine and DRINK WINE.

Here's today's choice:

2012 Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon
A relatively inexpensive bottle of wine.
I believe I purchased this bottle at BevMo
I originally had run to BevMo to pick up some sake because I was making tuna sashimi.
I found the Ravenswood cab.
An old friend.
I used to enjoy drinking this wine.
It got lost in the woods.
Chased by pinot noirs, barberas, meritages and zinfandels.
Great price.
I think I paid $20 for this bottle.
It has a full blackberry taste and notes of spices and cassis.
Not too jammy and very pleasant.
A fellow parishioner called me to ask me how to help her create a beef stew.
After given her my recipe and culinary tips, I told her she needed a red wine to add to the beef stock.
Ravenswood worked here.
Excellent choice I may say so myself.
Here's where you can find it at their website:
So there you go... my 1st pick for Wine A Day.
I'm off to deciding what to make for dinner tonight and what wine I will be enjoying later.

Chin chin,
Steven Wetherell

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