Monday, February 13, 2012

Wine making at home

I finally got around to making some homemade wine.
Started out by making a cabernet sauvignon.
Never realized how much work was involved.
Cleaning and sterilizing the bottles and tank.

And the process, I have NO patience. It has only been a week and 1/2.
I know it takes time for the fermentation to work.
But my mind keep thinking about the future...
After the bottling and then I can sample my labor of love.

Just finished adding my yeast, emulsifiers, wine clarifiers, and sulfates.
Every 2 days I check my water levels.
Added my bags of oak to the liquid.
In a couple of weeks I will be filtering the wine and the aging process will begin.

Got my youngest daughter involved.
She is designing the labels with her artwork.
She came up with the names for the varietals:
Chardonnay: Maui Sunset
Cabernet Sauvignon: Little Red Dog
Syrah - this one is still being considered at this time.

I may be (whining) "wine - ing" but I guess patience is a virtue.

Will have to wait couple of months before the taste test.

Til then,
try this one: 2008 Franciscan Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
and you can never go wrong with Conn Creeks' 2006 Anthology.

Drink well and be merry,

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