Monday, November 11, 2013

Wine Me During the Holidays

                                                    Wine Me During the Holidays

Now that Halloween is over, we have 2 important holidays around the corner:
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I am writing this blog because my wife and I have a tradition of making pizzas and drinking 
wine every Halloween while dispensing candy.Sharing pizza and wine with our neighbors and friends while the kids all dressed up, deliver the sweet goods to the trick or treaters.

Normally, I would have made wine this year, a chardonnay and a syrah / cabernet blend.
However, I went on the cheap, not making any wine, buying wine and buying pizzas.
Soooooooooo, on that note here are a few wines that we shared and enjoyed with friends and neighbors during Halloween night.
Wines that were good and would be enjoyed during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2011 Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Bottled under the Wetzel Family Estate, this cab is a nice blend of cabernet franc, malbec,
and petit verdot. This wine has a long shelf life, so you could serve it to your
family and friends on Christmas Day 2028.

My friend Craig brought over a zinfandel appropriately labeled '11 Zinfandel.
I tend to wait until the cold weather sits in to drink zins. 
Definitely did not have to wait on this one. Delightful.

'11 Zinfandel
Produced by Boeger Winery up in Placerville, one of my favorite places to find good wines.

Any wine from El Dorado or Amador Counties, and you know they are going to be rich, full-bodied good wines.

Neighbors and foodies, Coretta and Brian came along to bring over 2 wines
from Casa Nuestra. A red wine and a petit syrah.
Can't say that I have ever been to Casa Nuestra winery, but after sampling these 2 wines,
I might have to make a road trip there.

2010 Casa Nuestra Petit Syrah

Two Goats Red - Napa Valley Estate Red Wine

2 flavorful wines from Casa Nuestra Winery for under $40 each.

And finally for bottle #5 on the list, a wine I would think my brother or father-in-law would enjoy.
2008 Contemassi Toscana Red

An Italian Super Tuscan. I think those are 3 words that I truly enjoy repeating.
Italian Super Tuscan. 90% Sangiovese and 10% Merlot.
100% Delicious. Like my brother would say: "Amo quest vino! Posso avere piu?"
Imported by Vinum International

Wines for the holidays. Wines to share with friends and neighbors.
Don't wait 'til next Halloween to enjoy these.
Share them for your next holidays.

I will have a few more gifts next blog.
As always, enjoy.

Steven W.

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