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A Little Help From My Friends - Where to Look Before Cooking

A Little Help From My Friends - Where to Look Before Cooking

Sometimes we all need a hand when it comes to cooking.
Ideas? Recipes? Shopping? Extras?
The ? is usually... "What's for dinner Dad?"
Well, here are a few suggestions on where to start when looking to prepare a meal at home, away, or for family or friends.
I will provide a list of links or websites to allow you to navigate for general areas.

We all need to make a list when we plan our shopping.
I know personally that I always buy + than I need.
Here are a few convenient apps for Android or Iphone that can help.
Websites for ideas and recipes.
Cookbooks for learning and for gifts for friends and family.

 GroceryIQ allows you to make a grocery list, share the list, shop by aisle, bar code scan and print coupons.

Ziplist helps with meal planning, grocery lists, and creates a recipe clipper.

Cellfire allows you to browse for store deals, find coupons, and scan your coupon at the store when you check out.


Recipes from & for chefs & home cooks.
Self help guides and articles to help you through the cooking process with recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit & more...

Food Republic
Think of it as a an online cookbook for men, although anyone will love this site. It features an array of food cultures through travels, interviews and experiences.
Recent articles inclde beer crafting and tailgating.

Pin it! Great for looking at a picture of food before copying a recipe or tweeking it.
Easy way for you to recreate dishes and post them, and along the way gather a following and make new friends.


Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes
1 of my favorites.
A good little book for a novice home cook to prepare meals and side dishes.
I have the app on my iphone.
A lot of the recipes are from his show.

The Joy of Cooking
This book should be found in every kitchen.
It is a summation of old tested recipes from the Rombauer and Becker families dating from its original copy back in 1931 to the present day.

Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking
One of the master chefs of all time. Any one of her books would help you learn classic french cuisines, buying basic ingredients, pairing wines with each dish, and making you feel more at home creating classical dishes.

Additional Good Reads:
Here is a few additional good reads to settle down with after a hearty dinner.
A few books to give you an insiders look in the culinary world.
Here a a few of my favorites.

Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw
I am a fan and constantly watch reruns of his shows: Parts Unknown and No Reservations.

Jacques Pepin
The Apprentice
 Another prominent classic chef. I had the joy of meeting him in person while he was working to raise money for KQED tv station and having him sign his cookbook for me.

Mario Batali
Molto Italiano
NY chef, Food Network chef, TV celebrity star on the Chew.
One of my favorite Italian chefs.

Finally, a simple recipe to prepare - Asian Beef Noodles

20+ mins. to prepare
2 thinly diced green onions
2 pkgs of flavored ramen noodles
1/4 tsp. of ground ginger
1 lb. of ground beef
2 cups of mixed frozen vegetables
2 cups of water

Brown ground beef in a wok or skillet.
Drain beef from the drippings.
Remove season pack from the ramen noodles and stir 1 pack of the seasoning mixture in the skillet / wok with the beef.
Move to a separate bowl.
Break up the 2 packs of noodles and mix them with the vegetables, ginger, 1 seasoning pack and
2 cups of water in the wok / skillet.
Bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer for 3 minutes until noodles are tender.
Add the beef until all is warm
Toss in green onions.


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