Monday, June 6, 2016

Best Valued Wine of the Year?

Best Valued Wine of the Year?
Is this the best valued wine of the year?
For the price, the 2011 Healdsburg Ranches California Coastal Series Merlot may be the best value, best tasting wine for the price.
My wife found this wine, priced at $7.99 a bottle at the Grocery Outlet.
Yes its a bold red, with flavors of licorice, blackberries and plums; yet it is drinkable as soon as you twist off the wine screw cap.
Screw cap, no cork, fine with me as long as the wine tastes good.
The only issue I have with this wine is that there is a lot of sediment at the end of the bottle.
You can find Healdsburg Ranches newer wines here:

Yep, good value, good wine. Stock up now while it is still available.
I know i did, I bought 4 cases.
Time to check out their newer wines.

Steven W.


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