Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maui Sunset Chardonnay

Maui Sunset Chardonnay

                                    Well Kierann finally completed the labels for the chardonnay.

She loves Hawaii and the beach. She came up with the name
after seeing the sunset. I told her I wanted the label to be
"a reflection of the warmth and beauty of the wine and how 
it is just like Maui." She said: "I like the pictures of Maui
sun, moon, and rainbow"
My daughter is right,
She should write the blog.
Nice that she is learning to read. 
Maybe she will follow my blog.

The chardonnay is fabulous. Never thought I could top my
production of the syrah / cabernet blend.
Not that I am disappointed,
but I like bolder reds and this was more of a lighter rose.

My wife, the grape and vine of my life,
said she thought it was lite and delicious.
It's nice to have 2 girls that approve of your work.
Make that 3, including my oldest daughter Eden.
That could be the name of my next varietal.
A Merlot called Kierann & Eden.

Well, I'm digressing...
The chardonnay cleared up after all the clarifiers.
It was so murky with sediments and the grape concentrate,
 that I was red in the face.
Or should I say white (since this is chardonnay)
as a ghost.
But the wine settled...

And at the time of bottling, it had a nice amber color.
The filtration worked.

I had Kathleen sample the first glass.
She enjoyed it.
I tried the 2nd glass and noticed a
lot of great flavors:
Ripe fruit of green apple, pear,
and a touch of lemon.
Also, there was a subtle taste 
of nutmeg and cinnamon.
Lucky me.

Now the difficult part, bottling and boxing.
It's like putting your daughters to bed.
They are so cute and sweet,
you just want to stay up all night and read books with them.
With my wine, I could sit in my wine cellar,
(aka: my "man cave")
and just stare at the labels, the wine
and enjoy my solitude.

Next up, making Merlot.
It's almost like raising a family.
I'm making a family of wines.
Having Kierann make the labels,
Kath sample the wines,
it's a family affair.

Enjoy the wine of your time.
Most imporatantly,
enjoy the time with your family
and always...
share the wine.

email: realmeneatquiche@gmail.com

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