Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trattoria Laurellinos

Trattoria Laurellinos

I know most of my blogs are wrapped around cooking or wine. 
Every once in a while it is nice to step outside to grab a lunch or dinner.
Even nicer is to let someone else do the cooking and checking out a
restaurants wine list.
Plus side... no dishes to wash!!!

About a year ago, my wife and I decided to have lunch with friends at Trattoria Laurellinos.

I rated it a B minus. I had the Minestrone zuppa. 
The Italian soup had a nice assortment of beans and vegetables made in a vegetable stock with pasta.
Not bad.
The antipasti, calamari fritti was a little better. 
Light battered fried calamari.
The garlic aioli was lighter and refreshing.
Again, not great but not bad either.
Service and friendliness of staff made me think I should have given
them a B plus.

Well, a year later and my wife and I decide to head on over down Macarthur
Blvd. to Larellinos. 
We both chose salads.
My wife had the beet salad: Insalata di Bietole.
Good mix of salad greens. 
I tried her salad and loved the acidity of the pink 
Nice assortment of ripe beets. 
A sharp contrast with the soft goat cheese and earthiness of macadamia nuts. 
The mango vinaigrette brought a beautiful sweetness to the mix.

My salad: Insalata di Spinaci.
Fresh spinach, Pancetta, egg, gorgonzola cheese, and balsamic dressing. 
I was hoping the hard boiled egg was not crumbled but whole.
It was crumbled. 
However, the spinach was clean and fresh, the vinaigrette
 a colorful brown dressing, thick and tangy. The pancetta, crunchy and salty.

2 BIG salads with lots of bread. Dressings were spot on!
Did not like the ice teas. A little too bitter and had a chemical taste.
Warm and friendly.
Just nice people and we enjoyed talking to them.

One note, checked out their wine list.
Maybe time to update.
Luna di Luna has nice wines. 
Drinkable but not everyone likes a merlot.

The service Great and the food seems better.
And a nice lunch crowd eating there.
Looks like your ranking is moving up a notch.
Good job.

Check out Trattoria Laurellinos:
We will be back!

Steven and family.

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