Friday, August 26, 2011

Herbs - my favorite ones for cooking

Herbs, Seasonings, Spices.
You will find them in the best of meals and recipes.
Dry or fresh herbs.
Dry herbs are often stronger. Fresh herbs provide good flavor to any meal.
Here are my favorites:

Great in pestos, pizzas, salads and sauces.

Add to light fish, tomato sauces, lamb, stews, and chicken.
Crushed rosemary enhances the flavor over roasted vegetables such  as
zucchini, potatoes, and squash.

Lemon Grass
Intensifies and adds aroma to salads, soups such as Thai or Vietnamese, and curries.

Bay Leaves
Works well in poaching fish or boiling potatoes.
Add to marinades, stocks, and chicken soup and my spaghetti sauce.
Always remove bay leaves before serving a meal!

You will find it in my scrambled eggs. I use it to garnish mashed potatoes.
Its in my sauces and works well with veal cutlets and pork dishes.

Always loved it. Brings back the memories of my dad cooking
in the kitchen.
Used in my sauces and taste great in meat pies and soups.

Another one added to my sauces.
Love it in stuffing. Makes a roasted tomato even better!
Taste good in chowders.

Until recently, I was never a big fan of sage.
Browing butter with sage in a pan and the sauce is
fantastic over roasted chicken and potatoes.
Is a great flavor as a dry rub ingredient for pork tenderloin.

Never thought of it until recent but
mixed in soft butter, it makes a better butter spread.
Also good in breads, potato salad and soups.

For dry spices,herbs, and seasonings, McCormick is an easy find in any grocery store.

New to the market are the frozen herbs in tubes:
Gourmet Garden

and Dorot in frozen cubes:

So there you have it.
Some of my favorites.
Adding some spice to your life, 1 blog at a time.

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