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Olympic Wines

                                                                        Olympic Wines

To keep up to date with the recent olympic sports events, I thought I, your most humble author,
would present to you some wines that were enjoyed during the 2 weeks of the olympics.

I loved the events and could not be more prouder of our athletes, coaches, and all players,
even those who did not medal. 
They worked, cried, sweated, and painfully brought out the best in all of us (The US that is ! ) and represented our country well.

I think we could say the same for the wine makers, the growers, harvesters, and staff
that nurture the soil and grapes to produce the gift of the gods, aka: "wines."
OK, maybe they don't sacrifice as hard as some athletes, but there is a lard of hard work,
science, and love in the winemaking process.

Now we can say that some wines should be ranked by medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze.
At least the wineries do receive medals during wine competition.
See ie: 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

I just wanted to play along the theme of the olympics and wines that I had with meals.

So here goes:
 2005 A.T. Richardson Australian  Chockstone Shiraz.
My wife thought it was so / so. I thought it tasted pretty good.
It definitely had notes of liquorice and a variety of spices.
A nice finish of ripened blackberries at the end.
(Pictured on the far left.)
Ok, since the judges didn't agree, Chockstone receives a Bronze medal.

2008 Chain of Fire Merlot.
Once again, I have to hand it to this winery, they made the olympics and scored a medal.
In my previous blog, I mentioned that I had tried their chardonnay and that their cabernet sauvignon had rave reviews.
We let the merlot breathe for 1/2 and hour.
This South Eastern Australian wine is a hit.
Love the taste of red berries, think raspberries and spices.
No wonder the Aussies finish well ! 
Spot on to Robert Oakley Vineyards.
(Pictured on the far right.)
Silver Medal.

Unfortunately, we had a spot that did not make the cut.
One of our wines fell off the balance beam or should I say
it belly flopped off the diving board.
2009 Four Spot Sweet Red Wine.
I like that it was lower in alcohol volume. Most wines are 14.5% alc. /volume.
I should have known when I saw the label: "sweet."
It would have been more enjoyable if the 4 grape varietal
was dryer, more acidic, and less sweet.
(Pictured on the far right.)
Sorry, this one never made it to the medal round.
Maybe in 4 years in Brazil, by then I will be drinking Chilean wines.

2010 Reti Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon
Here is another South Eastern Australian wine.
They seem to be all in the olympic pool together.
For those of you who are not big into shiraz or syrahs,
it's nice to have a blend like this: 76% shiraz and 24% cabernet sauvignon.
I had hints of blackberries, a kick of black pepper, mulberry which you only find in the south.
and plum which is least of my favorite tastes.
Still  a close race from MWD Vineyards.
(Pictured in the blue label.)
Bronze medal. 
The label and the plum taste threw the point system off.

2010 Edge North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon
I finally found an inexpensive wine that I can store for 8 or more years.
I posted previously that white wines should be stored for up to 5 years
and reds  5-10 years.
Found this one at Costco for slightly over the $20 range.
Great taste. Low price.
You can find a really good bottle for under $30.
I like the range from $10 - $40.
Ask your wine merchant. 
I do.
2010 Edge North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon (pictured with wrapping.)

and here it is in the center w/o wrapping.

I will be buying more at my next trip to Costco.
This is a silver medal specialist.

And the GOLD MEDAL goes to.............
2008 Caymus Special Selection Napa VAlley Cabernet Sauvignon
(smacked dab in the center)

My words to describe this wine. " OMG! It's going, going, gone!
F%$&ing love it! Where were you all my life? Unbelievable! This kicks b**t!
Best wine I had all of 2012!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, if there was a best in show, aww that's dog stuff,
close finish to the gold but beat by a couple of seconds:
2008 Ferrari Carano Mountain Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
from Alexander Valley

Another superb California wine. 
A wine to share with others.

And here it is the wine buy of the month.
This is the one that you could say is everybody's olympic favorite:
2008 Diamond Oaks Winery Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

$4.99 / bottle. 
Yeah, pinch me I think I'm dreaming. 
Wake up and smell the grapes...
What a find! 
Bought 2 cases.
I'm buying more...
Thank you Grocery Outlet!
You are the Brazil of 2016 Olympics.

Thanks again to our wonderful athletes.
Our country.
And our troops.
I raise my glass to all of you for your dedication and service.

Steven Wetherell



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